OnCampus Printing

Adding Funds to a Printing Account:

Before you can printing, you'll need to have credits on your account. Printing credits can be purchased online from the Vanguard Bookstore using your Populi account. Once you  have purchased print credits, a credit voucher will be emailed to you. Simply login to your OnCampus Printing Account and click "Redeem Card" to apply the credit to your account. 

Printing from a PC Using WebPrint:

Students can easily print PDF documents via Web Print from any computer. To begin, login to your OnCampus Printing Account and click "Web Print". Use the Library Lobby printer for simple black and white print jobs, and the Library Photocopier for Colour

Linking a Printing Account with the Library Photocopier:

After linking their OnCampus Printing Account to the Library Photocopier, students can enjoy additional printing services including photocopying, scanning, and printing via USB. To setup your account, begin by scanning your student ID card on the photocopier scanner. The scanner is marked by a black sticker that says "Scan ID Card Here" and is located near the copier display. After scanning your card, login with your OnCampus Printing account on the photocopier display. Once this is complete, only your student ID card will be needed for future sessions. 


I had a problem with my print job. Can I get a refund? 

Students can request a refund on a print job by logging into their OnCampus Printing Account, clicking "Transaction History", and clicking "Request Refund" on the correct print job. 

What happens to unused print credits? 

Any unused printing credits will expire on May 31st each year.

Where can I go to get help? 

Please email it@vanguardcollege.com for additional help.